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We are a group of several aspiring writers, who thought it would be fun to get together and challenge each other on a monthly basis. Judging is done by adding the total number of stars up and dividing by the total number of votes, so having the most stars or most votes doesn't necessarily mean you win, it's the overall average. Whoever wins gets to pick the subject matter for the next session's short stories. Please read each story and vote them all appropriately. The voting boxes are to the left of the page and are marked by story title. If you would like to leave a comment simply click on the story title above each entry, but please keep them constructive. Again, thanks for reading and I hope that everyone can get as much enjoyment out of this as I have.

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Contest Subjects

December's subject was chosen by myself and is... "A large stone was found in the middle of a field in Iowa."

The first subject for January was chosen by Sgt. Hubbard and is... "A locked box is left to you in a will."

The second subject for January was chosen by myself and is... "A person is found in the desert with amnesia."

The first subject for February was chosen by Stan Weiss and is... "The baby sitter is snooping and finds your many passports, each with a different name."

The second subject for February was chosen by T.J. Reed and is... "Rewrite a classic monster, ghost, horror story in a modern way and include the story as the title so we know what you have rewritten."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the Field

                                               "In the Field "

  The plow churned the soil sending puffs of brown dust trailing behind Ted’s red tractor. The morning Iowa sun was already hot, driving beads of sweat from the headband of his straw hat. Ted examined the plow blade cutting through the dry ground, drawing deep straight lines that would hopefully be the beginning of a corn crop for him and his wife. Ted watched as the blade pushed rocks, dirt, and old roots to each side of the row when suddenly his tractor stopped. The sudden jerk made Ted slam his ribs into the steering wheel; rubbing his ribs, Ted looked at what the blade had caught on.
  The dark green color of a large partially dirt covered stone caught his eye. Ted descended from the tractor and began to push clumps of dirt and clay away from the large stone. It seemed to be a perfect circle. It was the type of stone that Ted would collect and place around his house as decorative ornaments. The rock was going to be perfect for a walkway he had been trying to complete leading from his driveway to his front door. The stone looked to be extremely heavy; lifting with his hands was not an option, Ted thought.
  He climbed back on his tractor, started it, and used the hydraulics to bring the blade down at an angle with the stone. If he couldn’t pick it up by hand then maybe he could pinch it with the blade and carry it that way back to the house. Ted worked the blade under the rock and put the tractor in gear. The red beast shook violently as Ted fought to lift the circular stone from the field. Rocking back and forth, Ted tried again and again but the stone didn’t seem to want to break free.
  Ted jumped back down from his tractor and stood over the stone. What was it going to take for this stone to be moved? Maybe he could get his buddy Frank’s tow truck; his old winch on that rig could move this rock. Maybe.
  “Is there a password to move you?” Ted said with a smile.
  “Open says me!” Ted began to laugh out loud.
  The stone moved. It slowly moved. Ted had seen it, the sight causing him to stumble back and fall on his backside. It continued to move in a slow motion, rotating as if on a hinge. Gases escaped from under the stone and that is when Ted realized what the stone was. Not just a rock lying in an Iowa field but a lid; a cover, something much like a sewer lid keeping the world above from witnessing the disgusting underbelly of the world. Ted stood, wanting to run, but could not pry his eyes from the situation in front of him. A single, large pale hand emerged from the depths of the hole, and took a tight grip in the dark Iowa soil.
  “I am death.” A voice hissed from the hole. “And, I bring Hell with me….”
Who would have thought that the forth seal of the apocalypse could be found in an Iowa cornfield?

The Stone!

The Stone!

 Buck silently cursed himself, the weather, Iowa, his wife, Twilight (his horse), and most of all the damn cows. Here he was riding Twilight in this miserable storm looking for a missing cow and calf. Sometimes he wishes he would have stayed in California and continued the hippie life style he once ran away to. The guilt of knowing his mom was back here in Iowa running the farm by herself after his dad and three brothers were killed in the war was too much for him to stomach. It didn't help his mood that his old lantern was running low on fuel. If he would have bought one of those ATV's like his boys suggested he would have had head lights and a place to hook the spotlight into, but no not ole Buck he has to stay loyal to trusty Twilight. After all he is the best dang horse he'd ever had.
 The thought no sooner pass his mind when Twilight spewed forth the most toe curling neigh that ever had past his ears. He tried to pat his head but that turned into an even bigger mistake as Twilight reared up and then jumped off his hind leg's sending Buck airborne. Time seem to slow as Buck glided through the air, lightning flashing to reveal a gray rock in the sky. Wait, what? A gray rock in the sky. Buck wondered if he was going mad? Raindrops mocking him as they splattered splash on his face. He felt pain as if acid had been shot into his veins as he struck the ground with the accompaniment of thunder ringing in his ears. He wanted to jump to his feet but the aches in his body simply did not allow anything but breathless moans to fill the air. He opened his eyes as another bolt of lightning flashed striking his still somehow afloat and lit lantern exploding it into shards of burning shrapnel as they pelted his body and bare-naked face. He heard the distant galloping of hoofs growing dimmer and dimmer.
 Buck lay there riddled with tiny wounds as he feel blood bubbling to the surface. Finally gaining a breath and a little strength he rolled over into the mud. Yes the mud, thank God for the rain-soaked mud that cushioned his fall. At 67, Buck didn't know how much his body would take. He first pushed up to a kneel then wobbly stood to his feet. He staggered one way then another as dizziness threatened to tumble him again. This time Buck cursed the universe loudly as he could. Quickly he was left breathless once more. He coughed and spitted blood. The blood clinging to his lip like a fly stuck in a spider's web. Blood running down his forehead creeping ever closer to his eyes mixing with rain to form a tidal wave of distraction for his sight. He wiped furiously at his brow bellowing curses again at the night.
 Then he saw it as lightning flashed once, twice, three times. How much time passed as he just gawked at it. A stone the size of his Buick sit there in his field. Gray on top and black as obsidian on the sides. He knew his fields and that stone was not there before. Then he remembered the stone in the sky, was this it? Had he really seen a stone in the sky perhaps falling to earth? But from where? He was mesmerized. He slowly moved closer to it suddenly feeling the need to touch it. He dared not to blink for it might vanish. He reached for it fingers inches from it. Anticipation rippled through his being. His heart beating like it hadn't since he was a kid on Christmas morning reaching almost there. “Shit”, he exclaimed as his feet got entangled in something, weeds perhaps he thought as he tumbled forward. Then he smelled it, blood and death. There was no denying it. He had experienced it a lot in his slaughter house. Another flash and he saw it, the cow he was looking for or at least half of it. “Shit”, Buck shouted again as he realized it was the heifers entrails his feet got entangled with as he fall. He scrambled to get up but as he spun to jump up he came face to face with it. Nose to nose with some sort of snorting beast whose breath reeked of death and decay. He tried to scream but no sound came as he grasped his chest. What had the beast done to cause such a powerful pain in his chest? He fall back as another stroke of lightning lit up the sky. He couldn't believe his eyes, but how? What about the pain? Another throng of pain ripped through his chest resounding through his whole body. The soulless eyes of his missing calf staring down at him. “Damn this night”, he thought, his tombstone would read death by stone and cow. “The official report would say heart attack but what did it matter dead was dead”, Buck thought. That thought was his last.
From inside his STONE (Stealthy Tactical Operations Nautical Eradicator) Xu Li Ai, wondered if he could count the cow and the farmer on his kill list. After all this was his first mission and his brother already had 5 kills on three missions. Xu also wondered how he wound up in a field in Iowa rather than lake Michigan. Clearly finding his way to Chicago to prevent the assassination of the President would be a problem now. So he also thought about the condition of his STONE. It had been badly damaged in the landing. Landing on the cow didn't help either. The STONE was an amphibious design but was stuck in a couple feet of mud from the hard impact. Besides it was designed for short range land use only. The parachute which is designed to be dissolved in water had deteriorated on his descent due to the heavy rain. He hoped the chute would be completely dissolved by morning. Xu silently cursed himself on what would happen to him and his family if he failed. Even more worrisome he thought what in the world would happen to the world if he failed. Would it be better off? Yes, he thought. Perhaps divine intervention had placed him in Iowa! He would have to be a believer to think that. He pondered for a minute if there could be God? After all the senseless things he saw back home it was hard to imagine there was, but then again Iowa was no lake Michigan.